Daniel Rosini has been a prominent figure in the body modification and tattoo industry since 1995, establishing himself as a leader in New Jersey’s vibrant tattoo scene. As the proud owner of Pure Ink Tattoo Studios since 2006, Daniel has been dedicated to providing exceptional tattoo experiences for over two decades.With around 30 years of expertise since his start in 1995, Daniel’s journey has taken him across the United States, participating in tattoo circuits, mentoring aspiring artists through apprenticeships, and showcasing his talents at conventions nationwide. Renowned for his mastery of color, Daniel has earned prestigious awards for his vibrant and imaginative work.Specializing in a diverse range of styles including imaginative color realism, striking black and grey, dynamic new school designs, and captivating fantasy portraits, Daniel ensures every client receives a personalized and unforgettable tattoo experience.Explore Daniel’s extensive portfolio to discover his signature style and artistic versatility. For the latest updates and a glimpse into his current projects, follow Daniel Rosini on his personal Instagram page, or connect with Pure Ink Tattoo Studios on Facebook and their official website.

Apart from his mastery in tattooing, Daniel Rosini presents an exquisite collection of handmade luxury rings. Explore his Ring Gallery at the Rosini Gallery to witness the craftsmanship firsthand. Daniel Rosini is the sole creator in the world of crafting glow rings from human bones. Delve deeper into Daniel’s artistic journey and his foray into the realm of ring making by visiting the About section of this site.

Hand Curated Dark Luxury

Slide and Test Drive The Worlds First Human Bone Glow Ring